Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions as related to our Quotes and Installation.

I am not big on terms and conditions, and what I would say is that although we often find and repair pre existing damage to roofs, our offer to do this is at our own discretion. In other words I don't mind replacing some broken tiles for free or putting some silicon on a cracked flashing but if your roof has a leak for any reason unrelated to our job, we are not responsible for any damage that leak does to your ceiling, insulation, house property or person.

I think that is pretty fair and the another thing I would say is that we are not responsible for any damage caused by down lights that are not installed to the correct standards. We will do our level best to spot any dangerous electrical work, and notify you but as we are not electricians we expect you to be responsible for your electrical work and any damages caused by faulty wiring including personal injury.

Comfort Zone recommends, that you make sure to have public liability insurance that normally covers this type of event in the same way as you expect us to be insured.

We will not be responsible for any damaged caused to your property or person by any person other than our staff on site who uses any of our equipment for any reason. Customers do not have permission to use Comfort Zone Insulation's Equipment for any reason. That includes expressly that we are not liable for any injury or damage caused as a result of any person who accesses the roof with the use or aid or our ladder other than our qualified staff. This notice can not be waived by any staff member for any reason and customers are warned not to use our ladder for any under any circumstance.

Sarking under your roof may be cut through to gain access for putting insulation in, and when it is in a reasonable condition that we can tape it up again, we will do our best but sometimes it is just to old to tape back up and that is not our fault.

The quote is based on the information provided and if there is any down lights or exhaust fans in raked/exposed beams, or difficult access areas of your roof we require you to advise us of this on the day of installation and recommend that the installer sees with his own eyes where they are located.

Of course it goes without saying that we hold ownership of the insulation until our invoice is paid in full, and you consent to our installation team accessing your roof and driveway to remove any or all of the insulation during any business day that suits us, if you fail to make payment in full. As the product was installed in good faith and is now second hand we still hold the right to recover any costs after the sale of the second hand insulation and any additional costs of removal, legals or interest.

Representation of performance of the insulation are subjective and results will vary between different houses and roof constructions. Products are warranted by the company who manufactured them and Comfort Zone Insulation is not responsible for any damage caused by a faulty product.

All warranties made by the manufacturer are held solely by the manufacturer and any costs incurred to a customer in claiming these warranties are solely their responsibility and Comfort Zone Insulations liability to faulty products is limited to the cost of the insulation originally installed.

These terms can not be waived by any Comfort Zone Insulation representative or agents verbally or otherwise and although not in legal speak, the intention and spirit of these terms will remain valid in the event that any single term is not valid. No parallel contract will be entered.

These are some pretty standard basic type terms, I am of good intention and I am sure these terms will not bother anyone of my customers who is also of good intention.