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The Best Painting trainer in QLD - What does he think about our service

Thanks Justin, when a tradesman of Justins standing gives you a recommendation like this it is very humbling.

Electrical Contractor Cello Convert !!

Karen "I actually asked Comfort Zone insulation contractors to come and remove the cellulose from my roof because I thought it was infested with rats and mice. After Peter arrived on site he showed me the only area in the roof that had mice nesting was the Polyester batt area"

"DID what they said they would do"

Very happy with the result, thank you to Comfort Zone for a great solution to our insulation needs.

The Boys are worn out but the customer is happy!!

Mrs Parker recommends Comfort Zone insulation contractors and was very happy that we cleaned up so well.

Paul "On Time, Cleaned up and even showed us photos!"

Thanks Paul, great recommendation and I really appreciate it.

Angies inspection and Recommendations.

Thanks Angie, great recommendation and I really appreciate it, so sorry it needed to be fixed up.

Job fixed up after we did not make the grade - This is my inspection.

Repaired for the customer with my apologies. This is all part of my job and sometimes things go wrong in business but this shows you how committed I am to make sure any problems are fixed.

Between floors sound insulation for Tracy - What a big difference !

This type of job is always a bit tricky to get right and you have to make sure there is no gaps from lights or fittings but in the end you can get a great result by insulating with cellulose fibre between floors

Plane noise and what we did to help Nicola fix it.

This job needed some extra insulation to help stop the overhead plane noise and so we were very happy to install Cellulose fibre insulation for her.

Superb Job and really well explained

Peter from Comfort Zone insulation Contractors has a superb knowledge of insulation and really cares to take the time to explain things to his customers.

Luke Had his house insulated by Comfort Zone insulation Contractors

We even fixed the damaged roof vent on his roof before we left.

Ian says, " Very happy with Peters Advice" did a great job.

We actually did an inspection of Ians current insulation for free while we were their installing some roof vents for him.

A little rain does not stop our installers

Comfort Zone insulation contractors insulated this house while it was raining without making a mess of the house or the job.

Foil Blanket just does not work as an insulation even though most building inspectors seem to think it is enough

Poly batts installed when anticon blanket did not work !! Friendly and kind service.

Card-if Air system does not effect pumped in insulation.

Peter was very professional and explained everything about why the big fan in my roof was not a problem, Great job done.

Very Professional service !!

Thanks so much it is always a pleasure doing good work for happy customers.

Million dollar home is not immune from doggy tradies!!!

Peter fixed some ducting issues we had and showed us the packs of batts that were left in the roof still in the packet from the last installers.

Noticed it getting cooler as it was being installed - you could already feel the difference.

It is amazing how much difference the cellulose fibre product is making already, even while it is being installed.

Getting the Cellulose Removed and the extra heat the home is huge !!

Rob wanted us to replace the Cellulose fibre insulation with Polyester batt and so we were happy to help (even though we did not recommend it, Rob feels better about the polyester batts in his roof and that is all that matters to me. As long as Rob is happy.

Friendly and Courteous

Thanks penny it was our pleasure

Ian had a lot to say about how much he appreciated our efforts with his hot Raked roof.

Thanks Ian, I am always happy to look after my customers

James recommends Comfort Zone insulation Contractors - Kept us well informed during the job

You Can not fake Reviews like this !

Comfort Zone insulation Contracting services insulated this house for luke and he was just another happy customer.

Jane had us do some work for her too

This house actually had a competitor do the job first and leave a foot gap right around the edge of the house and it was a really average job in the rest. Please do the garage at the same time, if you miss the garage it makes a big difference.

Bruce Had a topup done because it was just not done right by our competitors

This house actually had a competitor do the job first and leave a foot gap right around the edge of the house and it was a really average job in the rest. Please do the garage at the same time, if you miss the garage it makes a big difference.

Kelly had a company try to charge her $5000 to replace tile clips but we helped her save that money.

Electrician left a Transformer in the drip tray of the Aircon and We fixed it as part of our roof inspection

Alf Got us back to insulate the garage after it was not included in the job when he had the house built

Grayham comments that the electricians had come in after we finished the cellulose insulation and he was very happy with our cellulose insulation job