Acoustic Insualtion ? Everything you need to know.

Do You have unwanted Noise coming into your home ?

Everyone likes to have the convenience of living near services that they need every day like Trains, Buses, Highways and Schools but not to many people like the noise from these services invading their home at all hours of the day and night. That is where a quality home insulation specifically designed for sound Attenuation in your external walls and ceiling might help stop these unwanted noises.

Insulation is very effective at stopping sound and while Thermal insulation is measured in R-Value, Acoustic insulation is rated in terms of a Sound Transference Coefficient or STC Rating. Although, these ratings do have some approximate correlation, so it is important to understand that there is a different rating system for sound insulation.

Depending on the application sound insulation can deliver some very noticeable results but again, gaps in the insulation will be where the greatest losses of efficiency are made. For this reason it is recommended to use a quality pump in insulation like Cellulose Fibre when you want the best results. We can install this on existing walls as well.

Our company has insulated many buildings for sound proofing including media rooms, night clubs, and radio stations. I have also insulated many homes in the flight path over the years and substantially reduced the noise of planes passing over or from constant traffic at your front door.

It is also worth mentioning that any noise problems you have can be helped with insulation, people who live under Iron Roofs or Colour Bond Roofs will be very familiar with how noisy they can be during a summer down poor. We all like the sound of rain on the roof but if you have to turn the TV up when its raining or you can not have a conversation without yelling, then insulation will help.

Sound insulation is a very specialised area of insulation, to get the best outcome for your sound problem it is best to get some qualified onsite advice.