New Plant Based Roof Insulation

Plant Based Roof insulation now avalable in Brisbane

Plant Fibre Roof insulation - why is it naturally better than insulation batts made from rocks

New Plant Based home insulation is the best insulation for any home owner who is looking for a ceiling or wall insulation solution.  Plant fibres are naturally insulating and will protect your home in summer and winter without all the toxic effects associated with traditional fibre batt insulation products. 

If you have been looking for an environmentally friendly home insulation to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, then you have come to the right page. Our locally made environmentally friendly ceiling insulation is made from natural carbon capturing plant fibre and not Super heated spun rock fibre like many of the batt insulation products that ultimately damage the environment. If your home insulation cost more energy to make, ship and install than it saves you in real terms, it is bad for the environment. Many of the batt products just do not last long enough in the real world to pay back all the carbon produced in their production.

We take the natural Cellulose fibre material that makes up the bulk of the strength of trees and treat it with a naturally mined mineral fire retardant. Plant fibre insulation lasts forever in your ceiling and the fire retardant is also a natural insect killer, making it the only roof insulation that actually helps to stop ants, spiders, cockroaches and even rodents from living in your roof.

The fire retardant mineral is borax and it actually makes Cellulose fibre insulation more fire retardant than any other insulation. It is the only insulation that has been shown time and again to help protect your home and family in fire events. Extra time in a fire event for the fire brigade to get to your home before the roof collapses saves lives (watch our how this fire brigades burns down three houses with different insulation and see how much longer the natural plant fibre insulation gave for the occupants to get out than what traditional batt insulation)

In fact natural plant fibres when attacked by a flame produce black carbon and this is one of the best insulations known to man. It is actually the reason why people can walk on red hot fire coals. The surface temp of the carbon is quickly cooled by your feet but that same carbon then insulates your feet from absorbing more heat from the fire. (Don’t try this at home)

Reasons Why plant fibre insulation is the most environmentally friendly insulation product.

I don’t know about you but on a hot day when I am walking bare foot, I am not looking for some rocks to stand on to cool my feet. Rock does not have any natural insulating ability and everyone knows it but for some reason they keep making ineffective batt insulation from spun rock fibre.

Stop the waste and support companies that only use quality Plant based insulation and help make your home a sanctuary for your family that does not hurt the planet.