What you need to know about the day we install your roof insulation?

You Have a booking day and time, but now what?

Firstly Thanks for booking in with Comfort Zone, If I have not been able to call you with a booking time yet, I will do that soon.

Below is some things you might want to know for what happens on the day we come out to insulate your home.

What do we need from you on the day of installation of your roof insulation?

Truck Access 

Our truck is a little Pan-tech (think bread truck) and I have about 40 meters of hose in the truck standard and so I will need to get the truck within 40 meters of the furtherest point of the house that needs to be insulated. If you have some branches overhanging the driveway, my truck is 3.3 meters high and about 2.4 meters wide, so it would be good if you make sure that we have good access.

Power Access

On the day I will need direct access to two power points, as close to the driveway as possible. If you are not going to be home at the agreed booking time, it is very important for you to email me back and let me know where to find external power points, maybe in the power box or near a pool pump or spar.

Ceiling access 

Every roof is a little different and the weather can effect how we access a roof but our preference is to go in though the roof. Roof access on most Tile or Iron roofs is a simple matter of removing two tiles or lifting a sheet of iron. This will let a lot of heat out and let a lot of light in, so if the weather lets us we will normally go through the roof.  If the manhole is easily accessible in the garage and close to where the truck parks our preferance my be to go though the manhole and obviously when it is raining this is the only way to do the job most of the time.

Roof Access

The other thing roof access is that we can spot potential roof leaks better and provide a roof inspection report while we are on your roof. It also saves us dragging hoses or batts though your home.  Of course if you have just had your roof painted or prefer us to use the manhole please let us know both during the quote and when we arrive just so there is no confusion.


On the rare occasion we may need to postpone a job because of Rain, Wind or heat but if we can not do it on the day we will make it a priority to get it done As Soon As Possible after that. In most cases I can do a job even if it is raining by accessing the roof though the manhole. Rain can hold me up on jobs before yours, if you are booked in for the afternoon and so as soon as I am out of the previous roof I will call you and advise if I am running late or when I can do the job if we have to rebook. This is more of a risk for the second and third booking for the day and so if you are taking a day off work for us to do the job, please request a morning booking time. Also it might pay to keep your eye on the weather too, as sometime we do miss things. Feel free to call us and discuss it if you think the booking time may need to be changed because of weather. 

Do we always need the customer to be home during the whole job?  

No I can do the job while you are not there in most cases, provided I have good access for the truck and external power points. My machine draws a bit of power and so I need two power points on the same circuit, if you leave power leads under the garage door, just make sure that the are not plugged into any adaptors inside as they will normally trip the overload on most power boards. If you are not going to be home YOU MUST LET ME KNOW and if you have any raked roof sections I will need to know if there is any fans or down-lights in them and where they are.

Payment Terms

Unless other arrangements have been made, I am normally happy to do the job without deposit and when the job is done and you are happy with my work, I get paid. In other words I will email you an invoice after doing the job and payment will be due immediately.  I would appreciate prompt payment as I need to cover my expenses too.

5 Things you can do to make you insulation job easier on the day for the installers.

1) Have cars out of the driveway at your appointment time, so that we can back the truck straight in on arrival. The job will take about 2- 4 hours in most cases but a better time indication is on the quote.

2) Access to power points, I need at least one but sometimes two power points.

3) Can you please turn on your exhaust fans (fan only, not the heat lamps) in your bath rooms and the range hood over the stove if it vents into the ceiling,  while we are doing the job, this will make your roof space a lot cooler for us on the day of your job and stop any insulation fibres settling through the fan as we work.

4) A cold drink of water on a hot day would be great!, I normally drink a good litre of water at the end of every job and much more on a hot day. The offer of beer on a Friday is appreciated but as we are driving, unless you are happy for us to take them with us, we will have to decline them, as their is a zero tolerance for trucks when it comes to drinking and driving. I also do not want my off sider to be intoxicated on the roof of the next job.

5) At the end of a job I am normally very hot and tired, so sometimes I forget but after I have cleaned up and if you are happy with the job I have done, I would be very happy if you reminded me to take a 30 sec recommendation video to help other people find out about our service.  

While I have my phone out you can ask to see some of the photos of your roof before and after the installation. I do normally show customers these if there is anything wrong with your roof while I give you the verbal roof inspection report.

I think that just about covers everything and I look forward to making your home a Comfort Zone Home too

Be sure and recommend us to your friends and if we can do a friends or neighbours house at the same time, I am sure I would be able to give you a bit better deal.  Especially if we have travelled a long way to get to your home, we can split the travel costs between two jobs and save you and your friends some money.

Kind Regards 

Peter Johnson

Comfort Zone Insulation Team