Genuine Reviews for Comfort Zone Insulation

We Love our Customers and our customers Love our Service. The Comfort Zone team is always trying to make the job easier and better for the customer. Weather it is taking some boxes out of the roof for you, fixing a obvious roof leak that we find during our roof inspection or even moving some heavy furniture, our service does not just stop at your roof. Don't take our word for it though, have a look at what our customers say. 

You will see it in one of the videos but Yes I did try to cook an egg on a iron roof and I know now that the iron was just to thin to store enough heat.  If I had left a Frypan on the roof for a few Hours I am sure I could have cooked an egg this day. The soles often melt off my shoes, so it does get hot. One time I had burns on my skin across my shoulders and down my back, just like a bad sun burn after "Baking" in a really hot roof for 6 hours one summer day.

Comfort Zone is very proud of the recommendations that customers give us and we would like to thank all the people over the last year who have helped us by providing either, a written recommendation or a short 30 second video recommendation like these good people did. Just remember to give us your recommendation when we have finished your insulation, to help other people in the same way as these customers have helped you.

You just can not fake video recommendations like this.

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