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The Comfort Zone Story - Insulating homes since 1996

Introducing our Insulation Contracting family of QLD. Four separate insulation contracting businesses in just one family, working together to cool Queensland down one home at a time. My father was an insulation contractor and now I (Peter) am with my sons (from left). Peter Owner of "Comfort Zone Team" Insulation contractor, Moses "Coming soon - what about "Home Insulation" (put your suggestion in the comments). Eli Owner of "Cool and Cozy Insulation" insulation Contracting and Noah, Owner of "Kings Insulation".  My Father Lyle Johnson taught me to be an Insulation Contractor while working as an insulation Contractor for "Insulsafe" in 1986 and now my sons run their own Insulation Companies too. Jointly we now own a manufacturing company and make our own brand of cellulose fibre insulation in our Lowood QLD factory (Cellulose Products Australia Pty Ltd). This means we can Guarantee the Quality of our insulation product and the insulation installation from start to finish in a way that makes our family the only choice for many home owners in Qld. We have insulated more than 10,000 homes and we would love to insulate yours too.

Comfort Zone Team is one of the few truely family operated home insulation contracting companies that has been selling and installing insulation for houses in Brisbane and South East Queensland since 1986 (most of the rest of were actually wiped out by the insulation grant of 2009). We supply and install Cellulose Fibre insulation or insulation batts in all kinds of homes  and situations. Comfort Zone Team insulation family of contractors has the experience to insulate all kinds of homes using only the best insulations on the market. We supply a free but very detailed quotes to make your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter after filling in our quick online form.  So if you want a insulation contractor you can trust follow the links and get a quote now.

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Notice the same shirt logo for all the last 25 years on my dads shirt too.

Eli Working in our insulation factory 2019

Noah (My little insulation Contractor) and Dad 2017 

More about the Comfort Zone Team Insulation Contracting Companies and our History

Well our family becoming leading insulation contractors all started with my Father (top left) when he started doing contracting work in 1986. The insulation industry back in 1986 was full of insulation Contractors and subcontractors and dad started working for one of the largest insulation contractors at the time, Insul-safe. He became the go to man for every company with a tricky insulation job to do in Brisbane and so I had done work on some of the most difficult roofs in QLD before I was 25 years old.

I point this out because in this industry, many companies just hire sub contractors and do not pay them well enough to do the job properly. I do not hire sub contractors. My staff all work for me and although I can not be on every job anymore (Normally one of my sons will be though), I still like to check the photos from completed jobs (especially the tricky ones) before I authorise the invoice to be sent out. I have been known to send the team back to fix even minor faults with a job, just because something in the photo was not to my high standards.

This is a dangerous job and even with our many years of experience, sometimes things go wrong. That is why I have developed systems to help manage the risks of working in roofs.

For your assurance 

1) Check lists for Installation to make sure our systems are followed

2) Guarantees that we are insured for public liability and any property damage

3) Qualified staff who take photos of every job that are reviewed before you are invoiced and can be supplied to the customer on request.

Now I have my own insulation manufacturing company so I can control the quality of the product from start to finish. My sons operate there own Retail Insulation companies in Brisbane and we are now a leading manufacturer and installer in Brisbane and south east QLD for all kinds of roof insulation.

Before I go on, if your inquiry is about sound insulation or some other ventilation problem; Please bare with me because although I have tried hard to cover everything here, some enquires require a little more information from you before I can provide the Relevant Solutions. 

You will be given the chance to provide some of those details (even upload photos or a house plan) in the quote request form below, so if you are in a hurry to get a quote you can just skip ahead anytime by finding the request a quote link in the top menu.

When thinking about choosing the right insulation contractor to trust with insulating your ceiling, the following key points need to be considered

How Do I know if my insulation is working and if the insulation contractor installed it properly ?

Knowing if your home is currently insulated is actually quite simple too find out and you may not even need to look in your roof space. You do not need a ladder or any special tools to check if you need or would benefit from calling an insulation contractor to your home. 

In most cases a chair to stand on (If your prone to falling please just call your insulation contractor), your hand and a little common sense is all you will need to check if heat is coming though your ceiling. A good pumped in insulation, installed in your roof space will stop 100% of the heat transfer from coming through your ceiling.  So next time you come home and the house is hot, just stand on a chair and touch the ceiling in a few places. If the ceiling is hotter than the bottom of your internal walls when you put your hand flat on them, you most likely need insulation for your home. It is a simple and very effective test. Now it might be true that you already have insulation and that is why this works better than asking a builder to look in your roof. 

 Of course this is a test that will work better in Summer, if you have insulation in your roof,  it is obviously not working but if in doubt we are always happy to come and do a free inspection and quote for you.

Some insulation batts do sink and loose their insulating ability over time. The other problem with old batts is if their is just 1% gaps in your insulation it can reduce its ability to stop the heat by 30%.  If you have just 5% gaps in your batts, it can reduce their efficiency by as much as 70%. This is why a quality pump in insulation like Cellulose Fibre installed by a properly trained insulation contractor will give you a lifetime of trouble free living. Actually our cellulose fibre is the only insulation on the market with a Life of House warranty, you can actually transfer the warrantee to the new owner if you ever sell the house. 

This is me finishing off a Very low Pitched Roof, Great example of a more difficult one to insulate !!

Cellulose Fibre insulation is the only insulation that can protect your home in a fire the same as it is protecting my hand here. Learn more about home insulation

The insulation Contractor you use is much more important than the insulation you buy.

If the above video does not convince you that you are buying a service more than a product, let me tell you a bit more about the different insulation products. Most customers think they are looking for the best product on the market, the one that is going to stop the most heat and be the best for fire or vermin. The fact is though, all insulations are required to meet the Australian standards for Fire and Vermin and are rated using a thermal resistance rating (R-Value). So excluding Foil insulation R values, If you have R 3.0 in Cellulose fibre it technically should give the same result as R3.0 in any Batt insulation. But because batts are so difficult to put in and require no installation qualification on the part of the insulation contractor, the pump in insulations are much more likely to be installed more professionally and by a trained insulation contractor.

What R value do I need

The "R" Value or Thermal Resistance rating is just like sunscreens (SPF 15 plus), the bigger the number the better the protection. Just like sunscreen when you have enough protection for your roof type in your climate zone, then more insulation does not help. For example, two coats of sunscreen at the same time will not be better than one, and putting it on under clothing is just a waste of money. This relates to insulation because unfortunately sales reps in this industry get paid more to sell more. Many of the less reputable reps, (all very nice people mind you) will jump at the chance to sell you roof vents with your insulation or even a far higher R value than you need. I do not believe in over selling people just because I can. You just need the products that work, at a price that will make sure they are installed well and therefore work well while staying in your budget. Just so you know the NCC (National Construction Code) only recommends R2.5 insulation in Brisbane and coastal QLD.

For more about R Value and how it effects your insulation follow the link to our detailed FAQ page on R Values and what effects it in your home.

The R value on these packs never mattered because the insulation contractor just put the packs in the roof and never laid them out on the ceiling. We actually see this a lot and call it an R 45 but just for 2m of the roof

Insulation Contractor Qualifications

Most customers think that they are shopping for a product but a good product will be ruined by a bad installation. Just 5% gaps in the batts when they are installed will reduce their efficiency by up to 70%. So I would urge you, that it is every bit as important what product you use, as well as which insulation contractor installs your insulation.

If you can read the Trade Licence in the image to the right you will see that it is dated for 2006, that is because ever since 2006 the Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA) or the new Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has not required any insulation contractor to be trained or qualified to install insulation. 

Notice the Year - that is proof that I have been qualified in the industry at least since 2006 but the reason I show this card is because it is the last year that any qualification was required to be an insulation contractor in Queensland. Now any labourer can do the job and many big companies provide no onsite training to their install teams. A clue for this is that the company will say that they only go through the manhole but that is actually because their staff are not trained to touch your roof.

As I am often in roofs or managing our factory where we make the cellulose fibre insulation is made in Lowood, it is sometimes hard for me to call people for a few days because of work demands.  The fastest way for you to get a great detailed insulation quote from our team of trained insulation contractors is to follow the link to our online form and in most cases I can email you a very firm detailed insulation quote from our full range of products, with just your address details and an idea of the results you are looking for. 

You will see that my quotes do not lack any details and of course, I am happy for you to email or call me with any questions. My personal phone number is 0414586315 (actually my son Eli has this number at the moment because I am stuck in Vietnam because of COVID19 DM me on the contact page if you want to chat). If you have any questions I would be happy to give you whatever details you need from my vast experience in the roof insulation industry but you should find most of your questions about insulation in our FAQ page and youtube channel.